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Young Explorers


Traveling is a fantastic opportunity to empower the next generation of explorers to work through some of the inevitable challenges that come with visiting new cities or countries. As a parent/guardian, use your best judgement on when to prep your child before or while in route to your destination. But also consider times when they can take the lead in finding the best route to an attraction, how to navigate local transit or things they should consider packing on single day excursions.

The younger the traveler the less likely they are to remember the trip. That still doesn’t mean that they won’t engage in the experience. Consider having them smell and taste new cuisine, or listen to local musicians or the sounds of the natural environment while in a park. For additional travel advice link to Rough Guides article, 20 Tips for Traveling with Children.

Collections: What’s in Your Basket?


Stores are often brimming with ideas on travel collectibles such as key chains, snow globes, bells, spoons, city catalogs, letter openers, postcards, etc. I remember traveling to the Czech Republic a few years ago and when I entered a tourist shop on the corner of a cobblestone street in Old Prague.  I ended up selecting 2 or 3 of the more common gift items. The clerk at the counter rolled his eyes. Apparently he thought I missed out on the more unique one-of-a- kind treasures tucked away in a corner. Although I was very happy with my letter opener, 3D postcard and chocolate gift-box; It got me thinking about collectibles.  Is there something more I should or could collect when I travel?

I am not sure there is a simple and quick answer to this question. But, I know that you should buy or save what you love!  Find it, make it, create with it…your options are limitless.

Tips for Travel Collectibles:

  • Try to make it reflective of who you are?
  • You will have to store your treasures-think of how and where?
  • How you will be able to transport the item from point A (your vacation spot) to point B (home).
  • A collection can be similar items at each location displayed as a group or  a singular unique piece(s) that are scattered throughout your home.
  • Try to think of creative ways to assembled a collection using bought and/or found items.

11.4% More!

Some rights reserved by Nigel's Europe

Some rights reserved by Nigel’s Europe

According to Berlin City Magazine, “Tourism is growing in Berlin stronger than in any other big city worldwide. 11 Million  visitors visited Berlin in 2012, and of this 4 Million were from foreign countries.  The number of overnight stays in hotels grew 11.4% to 25 Million in the previous year. Berlin, therefore has become the top 3 travel destination in Europe, just behind Paris and London.  Overall overnight stays and total visitor numbers have doubled in the past 10 years.”

If you are interested in investigated Berlin as a possible travel destination click here to learn more!

R Possibilities!


Life can have its own set of rules which may or may not align with a person’s master plan(s). And it is in these times that we strive to look deeper-searching for meaning when hit with another unexpected turn of events. Whatever the cause, the effect often launches a person into a quest for answers. The first step is to often ask why or how? Then when a person realizes that if their master plan is no longer feasible or desirable-what is? And even more importantly you begin to ask what can be?  In a quest for answers some find inspiration in another person’s story-like Lily. She documented her personal journey in her blog Explore for a Year”.

 Lily’s Story:

“I left behind my corporate job to travel around our beautiful world for a year. Sharing my adventures in real-time on Facebook & Twitter. Started my journey in India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle-East and currently in northern Thailand… read more⇒”