R Possibilities!


Life can have its own set of rules which may or may not align with a person’s master plan(s). And it is in these times that we strive to look deeper-searching for meaning when hit with another unexpected turn of events. Whatever the cause, the effect often launches a person into a quest for answers. The first step is to often ask why or how? Then when a person realizes that if their master plan is no longer feasible or desirable-what is? And even more importantly you begin to ask what can be?  In a quest for answers some find inspiration in another person’s story-like Lily. She documented her personal journey in her blog Explore for a Year”.

 Lily’s Story:

“I left behind my corporate job to travel around our beautiful world for a year. Sharing my adventures in real-time on Facebook & Twitter. Started my journey in India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle-East and currently in northern Thailand… read more⇒”

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