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Investing in Creativity


Joe Berry is Vice President for Entrepreneurship with Greater Owensboro Economic Development in Northwestern Kentucky stated that “…Creative placemaking is the marriage of the arts and economic development. When you have a localized arts and culture –you have something that no one else has… an environment that is different than anywhere else.” Learn more about his interview with Pilar McKay on behalf of Next Generation Rural Creative.


Image retrieved offline from Think with Google


Richard Rogers, CNN Style Guest Editor

Richard Rogers, offers his thoughts on public spaces stating, “When public spaces are eroded, our civic culture suffers, even our democracy.” Read his full article, on these honored spaces posted by CNN Style (Nov. 2016).

Thinking About Public Spaces

Environmental Inspiration


I am captivated by the concept of human-scale (or larger) art that aspires to incorporate found or re-purposed items; which I refer to as environmental public art. Patrick Dougherty ‘s “Stickwork” comes to mind. He weaves a story using found items that are intended to be returned to the land after a period of time.


Monk’s Cradle by Tommy O’Laughlin

James Doran-Webb uses drift wood to create masterful, public art displays along bodies of water. In the image below, each horse is comprised of approximately 400 pieces of driftwood varying in size.


Expanding Public Spaces


In the spirit of embracing temporary, businesses and community leaders can join forces to extend seating (and activities) into the public realm  with “parklets” or “pallet parks.” These small, mobile platforms are custom designed to fit into a parking space (or two) and incorporate a variety of available materials (wood, metal, grass, etc.). Suitable for rural or urban landscapes, they have the potential to increase seating, engage visitors and spark interest.  Link to Inhabit’s slideshow of alternative designs and creative uses (bikes, pets, exhibits, yoga, gardens, small performances, etc.).

Identify an underused space and start the conversation in your community!


Image obtained online-Spokane, WA