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Richard Rogers, CNN Style Guest Editor

Richard Rogers, offers his thoughts on public spaces stating, “When public spaces are eroded, our civic culture suffers, even our democracy.” Read his full article, on these honored spaces posted by CNN Style (Nov. 2016).

Thinking About Public Spaces

Passion + Action = Innovation

Passion + Action = Innovation

In 2009, a resident of Hudson WI built a tribute to his mother-a former school teacher. Todd Bol created a miniature box filled with free books. His willingness to connect innovative ideas of others, create a shared space, and give back to his community became the cornerstone of the Little Free Library movement. In partnership with  Rick Brooks, they created an enterprise model that has supported the installation of over 40,000 registered libraries in all 50 states and 70 counties around the world.

What developed out of Bol’s interests created a revolutionary way to support literacy, bring together neighbors and connect visitors/tourists to a community.

How have you made a positive mark on your community, region, state or the world?

FLL Seberger Park

Culinary Tourism


Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA), a nonprofit organization that consults on F&B-themed tourism development worldwide produced a special report on food tourism.  OCTA defined “Food tourism is any tourism experience in which one learns about, appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink that reflects the local, regional, or national cuisine, heritage, and culture.”


Bon Voyage!


Wikivoyage Logo

Wikipedia is adding “Wikivoyage” to their long list of free services. Following the traditional platform input is gathered from the audience which means it can be edited by all. I think of it as a public travel blog.  Check out what another fellow blogger Jon Mitchell has said about this Wikivoyage in a recent post.

World Conference!

Nature. Image by Moyan Brenn. Retrieved from FlickR. Used under Creative Commons Licensing.

Nature. Image by Moyan Brenn. Retrieved from FlickR. Used under Creative Commons Licensing.

Ecotourism is considered an alternative form of tourism for travelers. These destinations provide an educational component, capture a larger portion of  revenue locally, and strive to minimize the impact generated by the tourists/tourism. Often the main focus is on the natural environment and indigenous peoples and/or cultures.

To learn more about ecotourism you can visit  the International Ecotourism Society.

If you are interested in attended the 2013 World Conference this September, click here for details.

Air Travel Flashback


The image of air travel in the United States has taken a hit over last several years, specifically after 911. This travesty created a significant lack in consumer confidence in terms of safety. This alone can devastate any business/industry-image is almost everything.  Adding to this, is the downward spiral of the US economy of which some say we are still struggling to pull out of. And when it comes to travel the amount of disposable income directly affects when, where or if a person travels.

For some, flying can be a daunting endeavor; signifying long lines, early wake-up calls, costly tickets, crammed quarters and an onslaught of cumbersome security measures. So I am surprised that given all these factors, the airline industry is not going back to the business basics to not just survive, but thrive in a competitive environment-sound customer service!  We seem to missing the allure!


Around the 1920’s passenger flights began to slowly grow as a viable transportation options when traveling long distances or navigating geographic barriers (oceans, mountains, etc.). But to stave off consumer fears, they made flying seem appealing, significant and in-vogue.  It was sold as the premier life-style choice-social marketing at its best.

I have included a few examples below. As you view these ads, ask yourself, 1) What message are they conveying?, and 2) Does this mirror what you have experienced flying on a recent trip?

Here is what I see:


vintage ads StratoCruiser Boeing 377

Vintage ads Strato Cruiser Boeing 377


Vintage Poster by Scott )

Vintage ads Strato Cruiser Boeing 377


vintage ads United Airlines

Vintage ads United Airlines


1960s Pres Hor'd cart interchange flyer a by Pan Am Catering 1960.1970

1960s Pres Hor’d cart interchange flyer a by Pan Am Catering 1960.1970

Commercial Link: Friendly Skies 

Ads (video): Vintage Posters

Tourist Defined

Two Tourists. Image by Garry Knight. Retrieved from Flickr and used under Creative Commons licensing.

Two Tourists by Garry Knight. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licensing.

A “tourist” is defined, in it’s simplest form, as a person or group who engages in an activity or practice of touring, especially for pleasure. Tourists tend to go to a particular site to see something specific (dictionary.com).

Although dictionary.com is accurate, we know  that identifying a tourist can be an intense, complex and highly customize-able process.

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