Hello COVID – Meet Winter!


Who better than our neighbors to the north to step out into the cold and prove that despite the weather, long nights and even a longer COVID season – with a little creativity, you can still garner health and connect in community. Projects for Public Spaces (PPS), posted examples of braving the outdoors in their article, “Winter Placemaking During the Pandemic: Six ideas from around Canada (Dec. 2020).”

Form + Function in Communities


A new design has surfaced that engages signage, lighting and much more within the pedestrian walkways in the U.K. Read the full article on The Crosswalk of the Future,  posted by Adele Peters, FastCompany (Oct. 2017).


Investing in Creativity


Joe Berry is Vice President for Entrepreneurship with Greater Owensboro Economic Development in Northwestern Kentucky stated that “…Creative placemaking is the marriage of the arts and economic development. When you have a localized arts and culture –you have something that no one else has… an environment that is different than anywhere else.” Learn more about his interview with Pilar McKay on behalf of Next Generation Rural Creative.


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Richard Rogers, CNN Style Guest Editor

Richard Rogers, offers his thoughts on public spaces stating, “When public spaces are eroded, our civic culture suffers, even our democracy.” Read his full article, on these honored spaces posted by CNN Style (Nov. 2016).

Thinking About Public Spaces