A Pet Vacation


Have you considered a hotel and spa for dogs?

As for our beloved four-legged friends, when we travel it may mean that they are left guarding the home front. This might not be a great option for substantial trips. So many companies like ADOGO Pet Hotel created exclusive, safe, and fun spaces for pets to vacation while you are on vacation.

Adogo Pet Hotel

Image obtained online under the Adogo branding 7/16/16.

Passion + Action = Innovation

Passion + Action = Innovation

In 2009, a resident of Hudson WI built a tribute to his mother-a former school teacher. Todd Bol created a miniature box filled with free books. His willingness to connect innovative ideas of others, create a shared space, and give back to his community became the cornerstone of the Little Free Library movement. In partnership with  Rick Brooks, they created an enterprise model that has supported the installation of over 40,000 registered libraries in all 50 states and 70 counties around the world.

What developed out of Bol’s interests created a revolutionary way to support literacy, bring together neighbors and connect visitors/tourists to a community.

How have you made a positive mark on your community, region, state or the world?

FLL Seberger Park

Shared Spaces


Public spaces are shared by both residents and visitors alike. With the weather warming community streets are full of life. If your community looks vacant chances are it needs a space and reason to pull people out of their homes.  For a small investment, a community can grow public interest. Consider pocket parks, and set aside a dedicated space for neighbors, students, retirees, tourists and passer-byes to stop, chat and/or relax.

Culinary Tourism


Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA), a nonprofit organization that consults on F&B-themed tourism development worldwide produced a special report on food tourism.  OCTA defined “Food tourism is any tourism experience in which one learns about, appreciates, and/or consumes food and drink that reflects the local, regional, or national cuisine, heritage, and culture.”


Are you a cultural broker?

Image by iese.edu

Image by iese.edu

According to The National Center for Cultural Competency, cultural brokering has been defined as “…bridging, linking or mediating between groups or persons of different cultural backgrounds to effect change” (Jezewski, 1990).

Emmanuel Oppong recently presented to a group of Emerging Leaders in Minnesota. He encouraged attendees to venture out of their ordinary routine to create new experiences-something travelers often do. These experiences drive our understanding of others; creating new filters by combining both knowledge and experiences. Travel changes perspectives.

Traveling History

Image by Nation  Geographic (February 2014)

Image by Nation Geographic (February 2014)

Classic, historical architecture has the ability to command attention. These buildings create the iconic skylines etched throughout our travels.

In honor of their creators, I would like to re-introduce a few of these historical resources in a mini series. The first stop is Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence Italy. Learn more about innovation, rivalry and ultimately perseverance in NatGeo’s article,  Il Duomo (February 2014).