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Form + Function in Communities


A new design has surfaced that engages signage, lighting and much more within the pedestrian walkways in the U.K. Read the full article on The Crosswalk of the Future,  posted by Adele Peters, FastCompany (Oct. 2017).


Public Art Center Stage!

Photo by Berry Webber

Photo by Berry Webber

An emerging trend in the United States is the infusion of art within public spaces. In large part due to local support from organizations such as Forecast Public Art and State Legacy funding. Public art is often larger in scale, difficult to replicate and custom designed to interact with its intended surroundings. As a result, it has a unique persona wrapped in exclusivity and distinctiveness! It is because of these qualities public art has been given a rare opportunity to serve as a geographical marker associated with a particular physical location.

Community art can also mean collaboration with residents, students, community leaders, and/or other artists. A greater focus is being placed on work communicating historical content and incorporation of sustainable art. In addition, interactive art adds another layer of involvement with tourist visually and because you may at some point become a part of an exhibit. Invoking multiple senses creates a greater emotional connection and therefore an increased holistic experience.

Three very different examples of public art:

  • Small Town: The city of Holdingford is a small town located in central Minnesota. Though a series of grants the community installed public art  along a regional recreation trail system (Lake Wobegon Trail). 
  • Big City:  ArtAround is an interactive map that allows the user to search by type of art (murals, statues, street art, museums, etc.) and by location. The map also displays current events and festivals and public art venues. Another interesting feature of the map is the ability to filter the results by date. Click here to learn more about public art in and around Washington D.C.
  • International:  The city of Berlin, Germany is a living showcase of art infused with educational (interpretive) opportunities for visitors. The city has become a living memorial to the effects of war and uses public space as a medium to convey its culture, history, people and their stories. Click here to learn more about Denkmal fur die ermordeten Juden Europas an example of interactive public art in Berlin.