This blog is a nod to the compass (or rose compass) in its truest and simplest form.  Steeped in tradition, it is a tool that has been in existence for centuries as an aid, to find position and direction. This can be seen both in the physical world and as a symbol, an essence of how people seek direction and purpose in life.  It is my goal that the RCompass blog will have become a clearing house of ideas for travel, artistic expression and soul searching reflected in an eclectic mix of all things related to exploration.

You are invited to join me…and it can become R (our) Compass.

Finding RDirection:

Some look to new experiences to find their hidden or untold story. Travel has historically been a medium of change; often internal and then subtly evident through choices, both big and small. That is not to say that travel is always enjoyable or the scene(s) playing before the tourist is a pleasant one. But it almost always brings about a new awareness of others and/or of oneself.


As the administrator of this site, I (Michelle Rose Kiley) am often a close reflection of my zodiac sign-a Sagittarian (symbolized by the Archer and Centaur).

  • The glyph for Sagittarius is a straightforward one. It depicts the archer’s arrow slung in a bow representing the desire for direction, a higher purpose, and abundance.
  •  The Centaur (half-man & half-horse) is thought to symbolize the development of the human soul signifying desire as well as its spiritual aspirations…learn more.

It is also true I have an adoration of learning from people, places, experiences and things. And of course, I would love to learn from you. I believe in learning throughout each stage of life. Although the most gratifying tends to be the knowledge obtained later in life, when it can be connected like a tapestry to other strings of knowledge.  I am often compelled to uncover new and meaningful experiences, which makes it easy to see how travel can be used as a conduit to appease the Sagittarian in me!  In addition, I also have technical knowledge in the field of tourism with a Master’s (ABT) in Tourism, Planning and Development obtained through the department of Geography. So in addition to inspirational quotes, motivating images, fun sketches, fresh travel ideas, and noteworthy lists; you might see academic journals about current issues involving the tourism industry or even links to sites based in research.

To be fair, I should be forthright and state that I have many flaws. Most noteworthy is the fact that I can also be  overly enthusiastic and easily distracted (no one is perfect:).

 RPassions: Design, Public Art, Maps, Photography and Delicious Coffee


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