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Air Travel Flashback


The image of air travel in the United States has taken a hit over last several years, specifically after 911. This travesty created a significant lack in consumer confidence in terms of safety. This alone can devastate any business/industry-image is almost everything.  Adding to this, is the downward spiral of the US economy of which some say we are still struggling to pull out of. And when it comes to travel the amount of disposable income directly affects when, where or if a person travels.

For some, flying can be a daunting endeavor; signifying long lines, early wake-up calls, costly tickets, crammed quarters and an onslaught of cumbersome security measures. So I am surprised that given all these factors, the airline industry is not going back to the business basics to not just survive, but thrive in a competitive environment-sound customer service!  We seem to missing the allure!


Around the 1920’s passenger flights began to slowly grow as a viable transportation options when traveling long distances or navigating geographic barriers (oceans, mountains, etc.). But to stave off consumer fears, they made flying seem appealing, significant and in-vogue.  It was sold as the premier life-style choice-social marketing at its best.

I have included a few examples below. As you view these ads, ask yourself, 1) What message are they conveying?, and 2) Does this mirror what you have experienced flying on a recent trip?

Here is what I see:


vintage ads StratoCruiser Boeing 377

Vintage ads Strato Cruiser Boeing 377


Vintage Poster by Scott )

Vintage ads Strato Cruiser Boeing 377


vintage ads United Airlines

Vintage ads United Airlines


1960s Pres Hor'd cart interchange flyer a by Pan Am Catering 1960.1970

1960s Pres Hor’d cart interchange flyer a by Pan Am Catering 1960.1970

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