RTravel Apps: European Exploration: The Art of Discovery!

Image by Smabs Sputzer some rights reserved

Image by Smabs Sputzer some rights reserved

GAMeS Lab at RU has launched a free app for young explorers called European Exploration: The Art of Discovery made available through iTunes. This application allows little travelers (ages 4+)  to role play as 15th Century captains responsible for everything from hiring a crew to building their ships. While sailing around the world the game introduces historical content intended to increase awareness and knowledge about various locations around the world. I love that although these are fictional voyages, the process instills pragmatic skills helpful even in modern day explorations; the art of cartography, the importance of money management, the ability to navigate problems that arise during a trip, etc.  When you are ready-click here to launch your (or your child’s) first voyage!

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