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Travel Gift Idea?

Image by Urban Outfitters

Image by Urban Outfitters

Outside of ¬†travel books, I generally don’t support any one particular company or their associated products in my blog posts. However, with summer at our doorstep and the peek travel season commencing; I thought this would be appropriate to share with my readers.

I ran across an inspiring gift idea-ideal for any world traveler!

It is not uncommon for people to journal or mark routes and specific locations on a map. However, Urban Outfitters has a slightly different take on this old idea. Instead of adding notes to a map, they sell a product that allows a traveler to take it off . ¬†It is a 32″W by 23″ H world map coated with a scratch-able material. This allows the owner to expose the places he/she has traveled to. Click here for a link to their travel gift idea page.

Tip: At a price point just under $40, this could make an excellent gift for a recent college or high school grad beginning their journey.

Check back for additional posts about documenting our travels.