My name is Michelle Kiley. I am the founder of Community Concepts, a consulting firm dedicated to supporting local leaders interested in investing in design. I hold degrees in both Urban and Local Affairs and Tourism, Planning and Development (ABT). The body of my work focuses on design through the lens of the overall visitor and resident’s experience.

Tourism thrives when a meaningfully connection is made between the visitor(s) and the resource(s); leaving an impression that ultimately creates continued stewardship. Therefore, tourism sites must offer effective interpretation in a well designed, intentional space. Research shows that the more a visitor is engaged, the longer they will remain onsite-increasing the financial impact on a business, nonprofit and/or community.

Areas of Focus 

Community Concepts provides assessment and design specific to:

  1. Educational programming and interpretation of a specific resource(s).
  2. Space planning within a particular building or designated community space.
  3. Creative placemaking through arts based community development (ABCD).

Tourism provides an opportunity to enhance unique cultural, historical and/or environmental resources. My work emphasizes sustainable tourism; supporting responsible planning that incorporates best practices. In addition, it recognizes the symbiotic relationship between tourists, business owners and residents; encouraging out-of-the-box approaches that entices people to playfully engage in their surroundings.  Feel free to contact me to talk about your Tourism by Design ideas and goals for success.

Until then,


“Design creates culture. culture shapes values. values determine the future.” ~ Robert L. Peters


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